Habits and Life(ways)

When I created this blog, I intended to use pictures from my rides to spice up regular posts on mindfulness topics. Unfortunately, I faced a series of health challenges that made it hard to get pictures and difficult to practice mindfulness, let alone write about it. Just the same as I would not be a tidy person if I weren’t doing my weekly chores, I am…

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Struggling with Inconsistency

Since I broke my elbow around the end of June, I’ve been on medical leave from my job without all that much to do aside from physical therapy. Unfortunately, I have a hard time functioning without the structure I get from work. I wish that I could have spent this time doing something amazing. Toward the beginning of this time, I had speculated about projects I…

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As someone who suffers from anxiety, I often find myself meditating on how expectations affect our ability to enjoy life. Anxiety is kind of like an overwhelming flood of expectations. The trick to managing it is to use practices to help you avoid letting the expectations keep you from living your life. A few years back, I started Acceptance Commitment Therapy, after connecting with my then-therapist,…

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when a tree grows up to a rock it doesn’t break through but grows around the rock trunk twisting and adapting so our emotional growth recurls from trauma leading a winding path to “feeling okay” – It’s Okay to be Where You Are Sometimes, it can be easy to feel like we’re not where we should be. Maybe you feel like you should have had a…

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About Me

Greetings! I’m Mike, and I got into mindfulness as a product of following Acceptance Commitment Therapy for my anxiety! I’m all about practices! I’m an avid reader and a curious soul. I started writing posts on mindfulness in order to share my reflections. I hope you find some meaning and usefulness in it!

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