Selfless Trap

seeking balance for detachment
I say, “minimize the self,”
and this wretched animal
in me grins and grips the door,
“you’re nothing,” he sneers

I try to struggle but
I am snared and sinking
in sanguine negation,
smirk particles smash DNA
shattering self in fragments

with my foot on my neck
balance is abstract
an ouroboros, I am
spitting out chewed up pieces
of myself in disdain, a critic

Photo by Anni Roenkae on

Published by Miles of Mindfulness

My name is Mike Bragg. I'm a Denver-based cycling enthusiast and a big advocate of mindfulness. I enjoy the outdoors, and I use mindfulness practices to help myself be more present with my adventures. I like to read challenging material, and I have a keen interest in ancient history and natural sciences.

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