Being Not Arrived

in red stone desert
my unfamiliar eye
strains to pick out cairns

I blindly ramble
deluded in my quest
for validation

stumbling in vainglory
parched and unprepared
I scramble

who can lead me
when I insist on acting
as if I have arrived?

amid ferric desert cliffs
self-consciously I err
my own misguided guide

I grasp at strands
of conversation
fumbling interplay

gracelessly I trample
through a dance
heedless of example

rushing without reason
I fail to survey cairns
and I lose another season

I am a vain initiate
seeking to give guidance
to so many masters

blindly I meander
amid ferric desert cliffs
my own misguided guide

Published by Miles of Mindfulness

My name is Mike Bragg. I'm a Denver-based cycling enthusiast and a big advocate of mindfulness. I enjoy the outdoors, and I use mindfulness practices to help myself be more present with my adventures. I like to read challenging material, and I have a keen interest in ancient history and natural sciences.

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