A Bridge Between Us

a bridge to you
can help me see horizons
for a new tomorrow
so let me be receptive
to this destination

self-control and patience
girders for support
that build upon foundation
a knowledge of one’s values
anchor of spirit

plan carefully the structure
that bridge should not
resonate with negative vibrations
and shake itself apart
at every gust of wind

trust must span the length
from one shore unto the other
the trusses that support
exchange of heaviness
we find the need to share

I follow meditation
practice for an abutment
that takes the strain of doubt
and fears that undermine
the structures of relation

further patience to allow
traffic in both directions
lest this bridge devolve
for lack of reciprocity
to mere decoration

Published by Miles of Mindfulness

My name is Mike Bragg. I'm a Denver-based cycling enthusiast and a big advocate of mindfulness. I enjoy the outdoors, and I use mindfulness practices to help myself be more present with my adventures. I like to read challenging material, and I have a keen interest in ancient history and natural sciences.

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