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Miles of Mindfulness

Putting mindfulness and cycling together seems like a natural fit. Mindfulness practices help us open to the experiences we find in our journeys, and to push ourselves father.

Hi, I’m Mike. I got into mindfulness after starting Acceptance Commitment Therapy for anxiety a few years ago. I discovered the power of practices to make positive changes in my life!

I’ve been exploring the world of cycling for about a year. I’m not the fastest cycler. But I like to travel a good distance and enjoy a journey.

This blog is all about my travels and my musings. I like to read a fairly wide range of material, including a lot of non-fiction.

One of the books I find influencing my thinking a lot lately is “The Book of Joy.” I reference it a lot in my blog posts on mindfulness.

I also enjoy writing poetry, and I’ve chosen to share that here, as well. Because reasons!

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